Created by Designers, for Designers

ProjectMatrix was founded by interior designers who worked in the contract furniture industry. They wanted a better choice for software and decided to just create their own. Thirty-one years ago ProjectMatrix was born, and our dream to be the better choice is still alive. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and being available for our customers. There are tens of thousands of professionals in 28 countries who use ProjectMatrix in AutoCAD and Configura CET Designer for pricing, quoting, and creating orders.



Looking for a little more simplicity? Use these tools to help you make your design process easier.


Easily convey your ideas and plans within a visually intuitive environment that makes sense to you as the designer.


It’s important for you to get it right the first time. That’s why we created a tool to make sure that you do.

Fast Customer Support

We pride ourselves on being responsive. If you run into a problem, it should be fixed as quickly as possible. We are available from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday and can be reached at (513) 554-1665. Our receptionist will direct you to someone that can help. If you need assistance after our regular business hours up to 11 pm EST, please call the main number and follow the prompts to receive an emergency after-hours call back.


Training is Everything

It is our goal to make sure you are getting the most out of ProjectMatrix. Even if you have been using our software for years, we are confident you will benefit from attending training. Online training is facilitated by GoToMeeting or set up an on-site training with a trainer. To make online training easier for you to schedule, we have partnered with Calendly to schedule training at your convenience. Click below to schedule your training with us now!

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Interested in seeing how our software works? We would be happy to schedule a GoToMeeting with your team to demonstrate and to answer questions. Most demonstrations take around an hour, but can be more or less depending on your needs.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We pride ourselves on customer support and training! With every support chat that you do, you will receive a simple survey to fill out.  Here are some of the more recent responses from our customers.

“Cody was very helpful. He was able to solve my issue in seconds. I think you have the best software support I have ever used.”



“Chris was great with helping me download catalogs and uploading them in my computer. Thanks Chris. Great service. 🙂 ”



“Cody was very quick, friendly and very helpful!”



“Chris is always helpful – very professional and very nice.”



“Very polite and knew just what to look for to help answer my questions. The online chat is really nice because it takes less time than calling.”



“Cody did a great job and was very fast!”



“You guys are ALWAYS super helpful and friendly!”



“I got answers very quickly and was able to fix the problem I had thanks to the help I was given.”



“Chris solved my problem in under a minute. He was fantastic.”



“One of the best remote assistance I have ever received. Chris is such an expert and understood straight away what the issue was. All my queries were looked into, test and resolved promptly. It was then explained to me what the issue was which is useful in the future.”