ProjectSymbols for CET Designer

ProjectSymbols for CET Designer combines the power of CET Designer with AutoCAD blocks from over 200 manufacturers. Designers can use ProjectSymbols to help create detailed 2D and 3D floor plans and photo quality renderings.

This tool gives designers and salespeople a competitive advantage by allowing them access to a huge library of supplemental data to produce amazing 3D renderings and detailed product listings to use for quotes, design layouts, and sales documents. ProjectSymbols for CET Designer follows the industry standard SIF file structure and makes it a seamless process to pass files between other specification tools and order entry systems. The extension also allows the import and export of AutoCAD drawings and converts drawings built in ProjectSymbols, Cap Studio, GIZA, CADPACK, and FSL to work with CET Designer.

ProjectSymbols for CET

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  • Quickly specify product options directly in CET Designer

  • Can fully render high-quality symbols from over 200 manufacturers

  • Add non graphical entities to your drawings using the CET Designer pick list feature

  • Up to date catalog data with current pricing included

  • Easily add materials to your graphics to show clients what the products will visually look like in their office environment

  • Build custom option tables to automatically apply options to parts and pieces as they are placed

  • Completely compatible with your other extensions in CET Designer

ProjectSymbols have been added along with manufacturer extensions to a drawing.

Quickly turn a manufacturer’s data on by clicking on their name.

Part preview helps ensure you are placing the correct symbols.

Pic lab helps you create high quality, photo-realistic renders of manufacturers extension pieces and symbols from ProjectSymbols.

You can option the symbol before or after placing it into your drawing.

Quick render helps you preview your applied materials to a symbol.

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