New Data Format2021-09-24T15:53:36+00:00

If you are only using version 4 software and catalogs, the following does not apply.

Important Update for Version5 Data!

Beginning on September 9th, users were able to install the latest updates to ALL of our software. This mandatory update was pushed out to all users on September 15th.

At this point, around 75% of users have successfully updated. If you have not completed these updates, it is IMPERATIVE that you do so as soon as possible. If you DO NOT have the versions listed below, you WILL NOT receive updates for your manufacturer’s catalogs and data.

If you are unsure of which version you’re on, each software includes an ABOUT section with the currently installed version. Below are the latest version numbers:

Data Warehouse 1.1.0
ProjectNotify 2.0.40
ProjectSymbols for AutoCAD 5.3.1
ProjectSymbols for CET 12.1

Version4 users will still be able to receive their updates as normal.  

If you need to update or want to reinstall any of the version 5 software, please log into your account at  Either click the single installer “ProjectMatrix Installer” or click “Software Downloads” and download any or all of the programs individually.


  • ProjectMatrix can compile the data from the Manufacturer faster than ever before, getting updates to you even sooner

  • Faster catalog downloads

  • Faster Catalog Installation

  • Opens the possibilities for speed improvements to other software in the future

  • No heavy computer usage during install.  This will free up RAM so you can work without your computer slowing down


  • This will require a reinstall of all of your catalogs.  This is why the update takes a little time to complete. (See PRO- Installs faster!)

  • All installed Legacy Catalog data will be removed.  Click the link below to request Legacy Catalogs.**

Request Legacy Catalogs Here

** Does not affect the usage of manufacturers that use Price Zones.

If you are running Version 5 Software (UPDATES NEEDED)

ProjectNotify (Version 5)

If you are running Version 4 Software (IGNORE THIS UPDATE)

ProjectNotify (Version 4)

Catalog Reader (Version 5)

Seen in ProjectSpec5,  ProjectSymbols for CET, and ProjectSymbols for AutoCAD,

Catalog Reader (Version 4)

Seen in ProjectSpec, ProjectSymbols for CET, ProjectSymbols for AutoCAD, and ProjectWorkspace


Which Version do I currently have?2021-09-14T15:12:22+00:00

Version 4 users do not need to run this update.  Version 4 icons are a white background with colored pyramids.


Verison 5 users DO need to run this update.  Version 5 icons are a solid colored background with a white pyramid.

How does the install work?2021-09-07T17:18:57+00:00
  1.  Once you agree to run the install, a snapshot of the Manufacturers you have installed will be taken.
  2. Your old catalogs database will be removed from your computer.
    1. This only affects your catalogs, not your Symbols.  Those will remain the same.  This will help to speed up the updating process.
  3. Using the snapshot, the program will automatically re-download and install catalogs in the NEW format.
  4. Depending on your internet speed, and the number of catalogs you have installed, the process could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours.  During this time, you will NOT be able to access ANY software that requires a connection to the ProjectMatrix Catalogs or Symbols.  This includes:
    1. ProjectNotify
    2. ProjectSpec
    3. ProjectSymbols for AutoCAD
    4. ProjectSymbols for CET Designer
What if my data is installed on a Server and I use Multi-User Mode?2021-09-09T20:32:34+00:00

Your system administrator will need to update the Data Warehouse and ProjectNotify on the server.  Once that is done, users can update ProjectSpec, ProjectSymbols for AutoCAD, and ProjectSymbols for CET.

I use version 4. What do I need to do?2021-09-09T20:31:30+00:00

Nothing.   Please see the screenshots below to determine if you need to run the update.

If all of the software you are using has a catalog reader that looks like this, then you can ignore this update:

If any of the programs use a catalog reader that looks like this, then you do need to run the updates:



What happens if I use ProjectMatrix software during the update process?2021-09-02T21:16:37+00:00

You will have no access to the data from ProjectNotify, and this may cause you to need to reinstall all of your ProjectMatrix software.

How long will I be unable to use ProjectMatrix software?2021-09-14T15:16:04+00:00

The update time will depend on the Manufacturers you have installed and your internet connection.  We have done everything to help minimize downtime; however, users with a lot of manufacturers installed or with slower internet connections may want to run the update at the end of the day or during the weekend to minimize downtime.

During testing, many machines were able to reinstall all catalogs within 1-hour.  The update should take 3-5 minutes per catalog.  Reminder each manufacturer can have many different catalogs.

For testing, a clean computer with 30 manufacturers in the old data format was downloaded and installed in about 9 hours.  The update to the new data format took 45 minutes.

Do I need Admin Rights to run this upgrade?2021-09-02T21:16:14+00:00

Yes.  The ProjectMatrix data warehouse will need admin privileges for the update to take place.

What happens if I do not update everything at one time?2021-09-02T21:18:11+00:00

You will not have access to Catalog Data.

What happens to my Legacy Catalogs?2021-09-15T14:54:29+00:00

Since this is a data format change you will lose your legacy catalog data.  Please CLICK HERE to request the catalog you need.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.  Please allow us 5 business days to respond.

NOTE:  This does not affect manufacturers that use Pricing Zones to handle old pricing.

NOTE: Herman Miller has Dynamic Pricing available in ProjectSpec 5 to access older pricing.


Request Legacy Catalog
What is being installed?2021-09-03T21:59:58+00:00

The old data downloaded information and wrote the data in one massive database that contained every manufacturer, catalog, and part number in one database.  This update will delete that database, and redownload individual catalog databases which allow for faster download and installation.

What happens if the automatic update has an error or doesn’t work?2021-09-09T18:58:25+00:00

If you get an error during the update, or the automatic update doesn’t work, follow the below steps.

  • Uninstall the ProjectMatrix DataWarehouse and MySQL Server if it exists. When prompted during the DataWarehouse Uninstall click YES to remove data both times.
  • Reinstall the ProjectMatrix DataWarehouse by clicking here
  • Then install ProjectNotify by clicking here
  • Follow with the rest of your ProjectMatrix software beginning at Step 4
  • Do not reinstall any apps from as they will not use the new data format. You will need to redownload your previous catalogs and symbols you had installed.
How will this affect me?2021-09-07T17:12:34+00:00

During the update, you will be unable to use any of your ProjectMatrix software.  Including:  ProjectSpec, ProjectSymbols for AutoCAD, and ProjectSymbols for CET.

Is this the same update ProjectNotify I did a few weeks ago?2021-09-07T17:52:33+00:00


Do I have to do this?2021-09-08T12:26:36+00:00

This is a Mandatory update. We are giving users a choice to update at their convenience between Sept 9th Sept 14th.  On September 15th, the update will run automatically.  If you choose to ignore the update, you will no longer have access to catalog data.

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