ProjectNotify (7.46 MB)
Updated: 10/08/2018



Transfer rates must meet or exceed 500-750 kilobytes per second or the chance of download corruption increases
ProjectNotify User Guide
Updated: 10/15/2012

PROJCTNOTIFY REQUIRES A BROADBAND INTERNET CONNECTION Transfer rates must meet or exceed 500-750 kilobytes per second or the chance of download corruption increases
ProjectNotify Modes
Updated: NA

This document shows how each mode works with the use of flow charts.
ProjectMatrix Manufacturer List
Updated: 8/11/2016

This list contains the Name and Code of the Manufacturer (Enterprise) and the Name and Code of the Catalog (MFG).
Manufacturer Data Installation Guide
Updated: NA

This is the installation guide for ProjectSpec and for Manufacturer Data via ProjectNotify


ProjectRender (145.76 MB)
Updated: 11/27/2018

Installs for ProjectSymbols with AutoCAD verisons 2013-2019. Versions supported 2017-2019
Generic Wood Materials (8.78 MB)
Updated: 8/2/2012

This installation includes 22 different wood laminates that are full 5x8 sheets.
Teknion Materials (482.51 MB)
Updated: 1/10/2017
Artcobell Materials (16.14 MB)
Updated: 11/6/2018
Haworth Materials (167.99 MB)
Updated: 10/26/2017

This installation includes the Haworth Systems and Seating Fabrics, Laminates and Paints.
ProjectRender Get Started Guide
Updated: 11/15/2012

Also see the June webinar archived recordings for training help.
Allsteel Materials (440.81 MB)
Updated: 4/6/2015

This installation includes the Allsteel Systems Fabrics, Laminates and Paints.
Generic Material Library (80.82 MB)
Updated: 8/16/2010

This installation includes multiple Carpet styles and colors, Generic Systems Fabrics, and Wall Coverings.
ProjectRender Studio Drawing
Updated: 5/21/2013

Insert your furniture or typical into this drawing to create a seamless white background.
HON Materials (29.53 MB)
Updated: 4/6/2015
Trendway Materials (98.47 MB)
Updated: 9/21/2015
Global Materials (110.24 MB)
Updated: 11/20/2015

Render Materials for Global panels, seating, and finishes.
Herman Miller Materials (509.09 MB)
Updated: 5/12/2017
ProjectRender Drawing Template
Updated: 6/3/2016

Save this .dwt AutoCAD drawing template into your Local App Data folder for AutoCAD.
James Edward Furniture Materials (9.68 MB)
Updated: 3/06/2017
Maharam Materials (103.64 MB)
Updated: 4/24/2017
OFGO Materials (146.3 MB)
Updated: 09/25/18

ProjectRender material library for OFGO


ProjectSpec (59.26 MB)
Updated: 3/6/2019


  • Supported 32-Bit OS:Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Supported 64-Bit OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

ProjectSpec Tips
Updated: NA

This is a quick reference guide to ProjectSpec. It includes a reference page for all the function keys.
ProjectSpec SIF Compare (3.6 MB)
Updated: 4/28/2014
ProjectSpec and Manufacturer Data Install Guide
Updated: NA

This is the install guide for ProjectSpec and for Manufacturer data via ProjectNotify

ProjectSymbols for AutoCAD

ProjectSymbols for AutoCAD (256.05 MB)
Updated: 11/1/2018

This is the installation for FULL 2D and 3D Version for paid ProjectMatrix Subscribers

  • Supported 32-Bit: 2015-2016
  • Supported 64-Bit: 2015-2018

  • Not Supported: 2017 32 bit
  • Not Supported: 2018 32 bit
  • Not Supported: All versions earlier than 2015
  • Not Supported: LT versions.

Due to AutoCAD 2015-2018 no longer supporting the "Classic Workspace" ProjectMatrix has removed the Classic Toolbars from ProjectSymbols for AutoCAD 2015-2018 in order to comply.
ProjectSymbols Lite for AutoCAD (93.79 MB)
Updated: 11/20/2014

Free Lite Version (2D ONLY)

Furniture Dealers are NOT permitted to use this version. ONLY STUDENTS, A&D, AND END-USERS.

  • Supported 32-Bit: 2015-2016
  • Supported 64-Bit: 2015-2017
  • Not Supported: All Versions Earlier than 2015, LT

ProjectMatrix Quickstart Installation Guide
Updated: N/A

This is an installation guide for ProjectMatrix products, including ProjectSymbols for AutoCAD, ProjectSpec, ProjectTools and ProjectNotify.

ProjectSymbols for CET Designer

ProjectSymbols for CET Designer
Updated: NA

Instructions for intalling ProjectSymbols for CET Manufacturer data can be found at

This link

Make certain to note the provision at the bottom entitled CET USERS PERMISSIONS

ProjectTools for AIS

AIS Toolpak (17.49 MB)
Updated: 9/14/2017

ProjectTools for Allsteel

Allsteel Toolpak (47.75 MB)
Updated: 9/14/2017

ProjectTools for First Office Staks

First Office Staks (6.26 MB)
Updated: 9/15/2017

ProjectTools for Haworth

Haworth Part Number Converter (0 MB)
Updated: 1/13/2006
Haworth Toolpak (89.7 MB)
Updated: 9/21/2018

This install includes the following panel builders: Beside, Compose, Patterns, Premise, and UniGroup II.

ProjectTools for Herman Miller

Herman Miller Toolpak (49.81 MB)
Updated: 1/5/2018

ProjectTools for HON

HON Abound Toolpak (16.3 MB)
Updated: 9/14/2017
Hon Part Number Converter (3.36 MB)
Updated: 7/11

ProjectTools for Teknion

Teknion Toolpak (283.7 MB)
Updated: 11/16/2018

Includes: Leverage Toolpak with Connectors, T|O|S, Transit, District, I.E., Altos, and Ledger
Teknion Export Reader (0.11 MB)
Updated: 8/22/2011

This program allows you to open an Exported SIF file created for Teknion to view the Order Entry Information.
Teknion Toolpak Help
Updated: 8/31/2012
Convert to Flattened Panels
Updated: 8/31/2012

This PDF shows how to convert from current "Matrix" panel types to "Flattened" panel types.
Teknion Geo-Specific Toolpak (20.38 MB)
Updated: 7/2/2015

ProjectTools for Trendway

Trendway Toolpak (60.73 MB)
Updated: 9/15/2017

TeamPick for TeamDesign (Alt+S)

TeamPick for TeamDesign (2.92 MB)
Updated: 1/3/2013