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ProjectMatrix is known in the industry for our outstanding tech support and low costs.  This extends to the manufacturers that we publish.  We publish your content for free and publish in a very timely manner.  Our free utility called ProjectNotify allows us to get your updated catalogs and symbols out to our users in real time.  That means that once we compile your supplied data, we can instantly push the update out to the users for immediate update/downloads.

We also offer all of our manufacturers a free testing copy of our ProjectSymbols and ProjectSpec for testing your data in our software.

These webinars are presented to and for manufacturers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ProjectMatrix is not in the business to create manufacturer content.  We want to focus on publishing your supplied data in an efficient and cost-effective manner and supplying the industries best tech support to our customers and your dealers.  However, we are very knowledgeable with industry experts in catalog and symbol development.  Please call us at 513-554-1665 and ask for Larry Bertsch.  He will be happy to discuss all of your options with you.

There are multiple “standard” formats.

  • ProjectMatrix Catalog Excel Template
  • Excel Templates used to supply data to any other software vendor.

If you are not sure what any of these are or have another format, please call and talk with us!  We can help you through every step of the way!

The short answer is absolutely nothing!  There cost to publish with us is $0.00  The longer version of that is there is no cost if you already have electronic data and your data is in “Industry Standard Format”.

Absolutely!  You will need to use our Excel template to create the catalog(s).  The below link is a .ZIP file you can download.  In the file, you will find the Excel Template, and an installable Sample Catalog to show how the Excel file works in our Catalog Reader.

Download ZIP Now


  • Plan view and 3D view graphics need to match rotation and insertion.
  • Manufacturer data must be supplied in DWG format, items supplied in other than DWG format will need to be a quoted project for library creation.
  • Plan view graphics will need to have a zero Z height so everything appears “flat on the floor”.
  • It is recommended that the plan view graphic consists of lines, arcs, circles and nodes.  Text and attribute information can also be added for installation drawings.
  • Nested blocks are not recommended and any additional block references will be exploded during our processing.
  • Any product that that cannot be displayed in 3D should be represented in plan view as a piece of text with a center node as the insertion point.
  • Nodes are recommended at all logical snap points to aid in users’ placement of the blocks.
  • 3DFACES and Polyface Meshes are the preferred 3D drawing entities.
  • Nested blocks are not recommended and any additional block references will be exploded during our processing.
  • Blocks containing Solids, regions, text, attributes, xref data are not allowable entity types in the libraries.  These may be removed or converted during processing.
  • Proper orientation and Z height will need to be set in the supply data as it is not altered during library processing.

Each manufacturer is eligible to receive up to two copies of ProjectSpec, ProjectSymbols (CET or AutoCAD) for testing and viewing your catalogs and symbols.  To receive a copy, please visit this page: